Information about steroids

Before you start using steroids, it is safer for you to know all information on steroids. You can get information about steroids on internet. There are hundreds of sites that offer free information on steroids, and the information would help you a lot as you start your steroid intake.

The most important information about steroids is that you must know before using these compounds is their recommended dosage, cycle duration, side effects, contraindications, as well as their legal status.

Steroids can cause both reversible and irreversible health issues, especially in cases where they are misused or abused. The possibility of these side effects increases as dosages are increased and cycle is prolonged. Side effects of steroids include liver damage, cardiovascular disorders, and physical symptoms (hair loss, acne).

Another important information on steroids is their legal status. Different countries have different classification for steroids. To be safe, be sure to check information on the classification of steroids in the country where you plan to buy or use steroids. In the United States they are Schedule II drugs, which means possession without a valid prescription is considered an illegal act. Also, search for information regarding clinical tests, such as urine and blood tests, you need to carry out when you are taking steroids.